Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blog bloggidy blog blog.

Hello hello, new blog ahoy. Just warming up the space here ahead of the new website/portfolio thing I'll be launching next week sometime. But enough about my gut wrenchingly awesome new website that's just around the corner. I should probably do that thing everyone seems to do on their first blog post, aka a listing out of all the stuff I intend to put up here, in the off chance anyone could be shocked by the content of my dull posts. Alright then, here goes.

Primarily I'll be tossing up sketches and studies. Although I'll dabble in some tutorial and process shots. Maybe some inspirational stuff too. Not to mention the obligatory bitching and moaning about the day to day workings of my life in general. Oh yes indeed, its going to be a rollercoaster ride of... some description.

Feel free to follow the blog as I intend to be active, and if you want to vastly exaggerate the quality of my paintings to anyone who will listen, why that'd be great, as I really would like to be famous at some point in my life. So, yeah.

Here are some studies I did last week'ish.

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