Monday, November 8, 2010

Akira, Silent Hill, and my father in oil.

Well, second post and already behind on what I hoped to be weekly updates. But what are you gonna do. Anyway, this past week has been fairly interesting. To start I found out that the live action Akira movie which will be inevitably disgraceful, just got a little worse. The producers have offered the 'lead' role -so kaneda or tetsuo- to the dancing child face that is Zac Efron! and that it will be a pg-13 affair, oh joy. It'll be a musical yet, mark my words.
Following this, I discovered my beloved Silent hill series is to have a new movie addition, in 3d no less. Oh yes the dreaded 3d. Now the original silent hill movie is no gem, but it wasn't too embarrassing. I just cant help but wonder if having pyramid head toss skinless corpses at us in dazzling 3d gore is straying from the subtle eerie atmospheric horror the series started out with.. But who am I to object to some hollywood gents beating the last few dimes out of once reputable horror franchise. Bastards.

Did that count as art talk? I dunno. Better toss in some info about my upcoming foray into oil painting.
Yeah, so I recently accepted a commission from my aunt to paint a portrait of my dad in oils for Christmas. I've tried saying I'd do it for free, but she's one of those pesky people who want to pay for their services. But now that she's paying me I'm nervous about it, as I've never used oil paints before and I've no idea what to expect, but I think I've worked out what I'm doing and will be starting post haste. Think I'll takes pics through the process and if all goes well I'll have a lovely addition to the old blog here, and if all goes badly this is the last you'll ever hear of it.

Here's some stuff I've been painting recently.


  1. Nice pics dude. Did i hear somewhere that u have a Cintiq? I want one, are they much better than a tablet? Thats cool bout the oil painting, I only tried oil paints twice so i dont have any advice but i can tell u that they smell, my brother said my room smelt for months and i couldn't figure out what it was!

  2. Thanks mate, you probably heard it from me, I do like to discuss my baby.. =p. They're great for speed, worse for pretty much everything else, less accurate and odd screen colour/contrast. Luckily speed matters to me most. I've bought incense to clear up the oil fumes when I'm done painting. Started it today, should be up here soon.