Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Websites for me?

Ok yes, the blog update schedule is gone out the window, as I ultimately knew it would.. Can't think of anything worth blogging on most days, so I think I'l start just putting up lots of art and a whole lot less words, pesky things that they are..

On the topic of putting art up though, I finally got a website up! Its still got a few tweaks left to do, and decisions on what I'm putting up/taking down, image wise. But go have a look anyway and tell me if I've missed something pivotal to its success >.<


Here's one of the newer images up there to... encourage? people to check it out.

And to round off this post, here's the stages of my first real oil painting.
Its my a portrait of my dad, and I'm pretty happy with it, learned loads along the way, and freaked out a fair bit in the early stages, as things were turning out a whole lot messier than I had anticipated.. All in all though, I enjoyed the experience and I think I'll pursue Oil painting more in the future. Yup.

1 comment:

  1. Seriously love how you use colors, very unique tone to your work.

    Also, the oil painting came out really swell.
    I agree, you ought to pursue it further